Content designer and strategist who thrives on creating order from chaos, and loves helping people have a good time online.

About me

I spend my days crafting enjoyable customer journeys through content.

Before my love of words, structure, and ruthless prioritisation threw me into content strategy and design, I honed my,

and left a trail of good karma (a.k.a good cake) wherever I went.

I grew up on a farm, and while I was never a good farm girl, I have a good farm girl work ethic: self-reliant, hardworking, and self-motivated.

My favourite thing about my brain is its ability to think in constellations: I often find connections where others don’t see them. This means I can move from murky beginnings to clarity at speed, and have a good radar for how much information is “just enough” (in a brief, in a conversation, to make a decision, or across a user journey).

It might also be why I believe that better systems and structures at an organisational level create better clarity and experiences at a sentence level.

The work I really love

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